A black market cloning facility was shut down on Saturday, August 29th by the Indonesian government after video leaked online of a failed cloning attempt that resulted in a abnormal human mutation.

The facility promised for a mere 282210000.00 Indonesian Rupiah or 20,000 US dollars, they could  successfully clone any loved one living, or recently dead with the proper DNA.  Iskandar Yohanes Kusnadi, very well known for his wealth (and greed) In Indonesia became interested in their claim. At his then age of 71 and suffering from onset dementia felt neither of his children were worthy of inheriting his fortune. or to take on responsibilities as head of his company. Once, when interviewed and asked about a successor, he stated:

“Johan, my eldest son smokes and drinks so much i fear he will not even outlive me to discipline himself enough to maintain the business. My youngest Setyo is a moron to put it kindly”
As a result of this decision he felt only he himself could continue running things and set out to spend the rest of his life preparing and documenting everything from his mannerisms to his financial strategies. After two years he was ready, however things did not go as planned as far as the cloning process.
Watch the disturbing video below:

Ironically the shocking reveal of his clone lead to a sharp pain in his arm followed by a fatal heart attack. Did this seemingly sociopath get what he deserved? Share and discuss.
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