Arkansas police ran one of the most bizarre sting operations ever in Rogers, Arkansas.

Even they were shocked at what ended up transpiring. Take one man, seven beavers, a flea bag motel and believe it or not you have the recipe for a “beaver sex trafficking operation.” Sounds absurd, but one man is in custody because of it. Michael Leonard, 48, was running craigslist ads which not so subtly centered around “favors with wild animals.” In particular, beavers.

The chief of police, Ralph Morris gave the following statement after the Leonard was taken in:
“After we received several complaints from locals in the state of Arkansas, we looked into the ad. The craigslist ad read: ‘A REAL good time, no questions asked, payment up front – several beavers to choose from – $50.’ I don’t know how stupid you have to be to put an ad like that in Craigslist, but trust me, this guy was pretty dumb.”
The sting was set up as they contacted the beaver pimp online and set up “a date” with one of the beavers. They met at the Shady Creek Motel in Rogers and an undercover officer exchanged money with Leonard. Inside the room was feces, trash and cages filled with beavers ranging from 8-32 pounds that the undercover officer was supposed to choose from. All of the beavers appeared to be physically injured in some form or another.
After the sting, the animals were taken to a rescue group to be treated for anal lacerations among other injuries, while Leonard was taken to jail where he is being charged with cruelty to animals, beatiality, trafficking and resisting arrest. He is being held on a $2000 bond.
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