These boys forced a dog to eat drugs. When his owner found him he looked like this.

The RSPCA is an animal protection agency in England where lost, injured, and unwanted animals end up - and in November so did Chunky, the little chihuahua-mix. This poor dogs case was the worst case of animal cruelty that the animal carers had ever seen.
The little Chunky had been stolen by four teenagers and abused. The boys are fifteen and sixteen years old and were under the influence of drugs. 
Chunky suffered a lot at their hands: they tortured the young pup ruthlessly and enjoyed seeing him in pain. First they broke his neck and his leg, and then tortured him. They even set his face on fire.
Facebook/RSPCA - Wimbledon and District Branch
Then, just before they threw him away like a piece of dirt, they forced him to eat drugs. Even though Chunky is still a puppy he managed to survived the torture. He ended up at the RSPCA, where doctors immediately tended the little dog.
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Caroline Doe, who works for the RSPCA, said: "this is the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with. Whenever I think about it I get a shiver up my spine. The boys have confessed their crime and defended themselves by saying that they were under the influence of drugs. But how this dog was abused is extremely barbaric and not forgivable."
The worst thing is that Chunky had to suffer for days. He'd wandered around with a broken leg and neck, and burns to his entire body. "I'll never forget how scared and depressed he was the first time that I saw him", said Caroline Dow.  "His injuries were so bad that despite the amazing veterinary care and medicine, he was in terrible pain for at least 6 days."
His owner was informed and is overjoyed that he may care for Chunky again. 
Chunky's wounds healed and finally his little fur nose has recovered from the ordeal. His owner can't stop caring for him. It is a wonder that Chunky is so happy to be around people again despite all the horrendous things that were done to him: "he is a little more nervous than before, but he's still the same old Chunky", said his owner. 
Youtube/ITV News
He still wags his tail like crazy when he gets attention. For everyone that knows Chunky, his recovery has been simply incredible!
Youtube/ITV News
According to the law, the four teenagers have now been banned from owning any animals for the next 5 years, are on 12 months good probation, and each must pay between $770 and $4000. The father of the main perpetrator has been ordered to pay $8800.

Thankfully the four boys have been caught and that Chunky was rescued in time. The cutie has survived all of his injuries and everyone that meets him is amazed by how quickly he's put this trauma behind him. If you are also impressed by the fighting spirit of this little dog, then share this article with everyone that you know. 
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