After this post you’ll never touch cotton buds again!

Our ears are an important organ that control a fundamental function in our bodies. They are not only used for hearing. Our ears are particularly important for our balance. If we didn't have ears we wouldn't be able to stand on our own two feet. Therefore, it is even more important that we carefully maintain them. In the future however, perhaps it'd be a good idea to use your finger instead of a cotton bud, because cotton buds do more damage than good to our ears. It can cause painful infections or irreparable long-term damage. 

Cleaning the ears with cotton buds in an out-date method, which doctors strongly discourage. 
Using cotton buds pushes earwax deeper into the ear canal. Earwax and grime accumulates deep in the ear canal in front of the ear drum and can cause severe hearing difficulty. 
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Earwax is a natural secretion from the cerimunal glands. It protects the ears against dirt and grime. The sticky consistency captures the grime and prevents it from moving further into the ear canal, where it could do serious damage.
By using cotton buds we push the captured dirt straight into our inner-ear, which is the opposite of what we hope to achieve. We aim to clean our ears - but we make our eardrums dirtier!
As a result, a clump remains near our eardrum, which makes it difficult to hear. If the clump remains there it can develop into a painful inflammation of the inner ear, which can only be treated by an ENT doctor. Worst case scenario is loss of hearing. 
Cleaning our ears is actually completely pointless because the earwax secretion does a wonderful job itself and protects our ears from dirt particles. There are some people, who's ears produce more earwax as required. This is considered overproduction, which most people find uncomfortable, and others incorrectly view as unhygienic. It is recommended that these people regularly clean the outer ear with a damp cloth. 

Cotton buds are a remnant of an outdated cleaning method, which can cause great damage. Your body protects itself against dangerous dirt particles so there is no risk of hearing damage. Share this post with everyone that you know and protect them from irreparable hearing difficulties. 
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