The area around your stomach is maybe the hardest part to lose weight. People try different diets and solutions but none of them is actually helpful. You also train hard and don’t give up but results are still same as in the beginning.

Maybe you do something, some kind of mistakes who are stopping you reaching your goal and here are some 5 potential reasons for it.
Lack of magnesium – The nutrition indeed effects on the weight loss and the shape of your body. The intake of magnesium is connected with the levels of glucose and insulin who they are indicators of obesity. Magnesium is good for the heart, nerves and muscles. The enzymes that are in his compound ensure the smooth in many processes in the body. Also sometimes it helps with menstruation, if one woman has the needed magnesium inside she feels less swollen. You can take the magnesium prescribed by doctor or you can eat foods rich with magnesium as leafy vegetables, beans, legumes and nuts.
Food with too much salt – People do one big mistake with consume of salt. They daily cross the consume line of 4 grams and they sabotage the fat around the stomach. If you consume too much salt you displace the amount of water from the bloodstream into the skin. Change the habit of consuming too much salt use different spices instead.
Consuming Carbonated drinks – If you even just drink two glasses a day the fat will accumulate 5 times faster. There is huge amount of sugar inside them and they are filled with empty calories. They are also causing hunger more than we need.
Not enough sleep – there is one research that woman who are sleeping for 5 hours at night are more likely to overweight than those who sleep longer. If you eventually have a lack of sleep, daily you will consume food with more fat and the hunger hormone will grow. If you want to function well during the day you need to sleep at least 7-8 hours nightly. For better sleep avoid consuming caffeine before sleep, remove the electronic devices from your room and hold the temperature around 18 degrees.
Eating the wrong fat– The accumulation of fat is increased by the high intake of saturated fats. On the other hand all those nuts, sunflower, salmon, olive oil contain omega 3 and they have positive effect on the body. You need to be careful with the consume of saturated or unsaturated fat because it will have some kind of negative effect.
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