Here Is How To Fill Cavities Without Going To The Dentist!

Here Is How To Fill Cavities Without Going To The Dentist

A lot of people experience stress and anxiety before going to the dentist. You know that when you go there to fill your cavities he’ll have to drill and drill and then fill in the cavity, which can sometimes be painful. However, there are some good news for those who feel the ‘dentist’s stress’, a new method which will enable you to fill in the cavities at home.
The teeth are composed of four layers and the acid in our mouth can damage and dissolve them causing cavities.
There are a few tell-tell signs which indicate that our teeth are decaying. For example if you notice discolored spots on your tooth, toothaches, pain when eating or sensitivity to hot and cold you should probably go to the dentist. But for those who are too upset by the mere thought of a dentist visit we offer a simpler way to fix the situation.
Filling cavities without drilling
A recent study from Japan discovered a revolutionary way to fill in cavities without drilling. The new method involves using a newly discovered paste which is similar in composition with the tooth enamel, the outside layer which protects our teeth. With this paste you can fill in the cavities without drilling them first. What an amazing discovery for all those poor souls who dread the thought of going to the dentist, they can relax and fix their teeth at the comfort of their home.
According to the study, this paste has the same properties as the regular cavity fillers. The teeth fixed with this paste are equally strong and solid as those fixed at the dentist. Because there is no drilling involved there are minimal chances for the decay to spread. However, this paste can only by effective if used at the very first stages of tooth decay.

Before you use this paste you need to consult with your dentist because the high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and acid can cause inflammation in your gums.
How to purchase it?
Only a dentist can buy the paste and then sell it to his patient. The results will be visible in less than 20 minutes and you problem will be solved in no time. It will hit the market next year.
How to prevent tooth decay?
Every dentist will confirm that the only way to prevent tooth decay is by keeping good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth regularly, flossing, using anti-bacterial fluids will keep your teeth healthy and shiny. You can try coconut paste or oil pulling to reinforce your dental hygienic routine.
Aside from good oral hygiene you should also pay attention to what you eat. The more minerals you include in your everyday meals the healthier your teeth will be and you’ll encourage the re-mineralization process. To improve the mineralization process you can resort to some natural remedies, such as eggshells.
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