Woman Has Earth-Shattering Headaches For 9 YEARS… Then Doctors Pull THIS Out Of Her Head

Headaches are one of the most commonly complained about ailments. They affect millions of people around the world for a vast number of different reasons, ranging from the common cold to debilitating migraines.
One 31-year-old mother from Texas began experiencing painful, head-splitting headaches seemingly out of nowhere. After pushing through the pain for nine agonizing months, Yadira Rostro finally decided it was time to visit a doctor and root out the cause of her suffering.
It’s a good thing she made the call, because if she had waited, she may not have been able to be a mother any longer, according to Inside Edition.
When doctors used a CT scan to diagnose her headache issue, they initially determined that she had an abnormal growth. Her symptoms of diminishing eyesight, nausea and dizziness all pointed to the common, yet deadly brain tumor.
But, they would soon find out that they were way off base. Upon closer inspection of her scans, doctors determined that the young mother was suffering from the presence of tapeworm eggs that had been deposited at the base of her brain.

Thankfully, the mother will have the chance to raise her children after doctors performed surgery on her brain to remove the tapeworm egg sacs — eight of them in total. Had they hatched before being removed, she likely would have died.

Needless to say, Rostro considers herself lucky to be alive.
So, how does one fall victim to such a tiny, yet painful and deadly threat? Doctors said she likely picked up the tapeworm that laid the eggs on a recent trip to Mexico, where she may have consumed tapeworm-laden food. The condition, which isn’t considered ommon, is known as neurocysticercosis.
After surgery, her vision went back to normal. And the best part — no more headaches.
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