Muslims Tried To Make Huge Move In US Town… But These Guys Had a MUCH Different Plan

A plan to build a new mosque in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, was shouted down at a town planning meeting by citizens who were opposed to radical Islam and its connections to terror, WUSA-TV reported.
The Islamic Center of Fredricksburg has, according to trustee Samer Shalaby, outgrown its current building. The group had sought to build a new 8,000 square foot mosque and Islamic center for its growing congregation.
However, at a county planning board meeting on Tuesday — just four days after the Paris attacks left over 130 people dead — citizens in the area let Shalaby have it.
At the meeting, those opposed went off on the Muslims in attendance, saying, ”Every one of you are terrorists!” and “I don’t care what you say, what you think!”
An unidentified man, who said he would do everything in his power to stop the mosque from being built, yelled, “Shalaby, you can say whatever you want, every Muslim is a terrorist, period!” and “Shut your mouth, I don’t want to hear your mouth!”
Other protesters, who were less vitriolic, worried that a new, larger Islamic center might take in refugees from Syria.
Shalaby tried to fight back, saying, “You keep hoping that, as we evolve in this country, that we will not completely put a blanket designation on any group … especially for religion.”
However, the tense meeting was finally broken up after about an hour, without approval for the mosque.

Shalaby said he hoped to have another meeting, but he requested more security and a moderator. If the meeting was only to bash Muslims, Shalaby told The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, “That’s not going to accomplish anything.”
He also didn’t rule out filing a lawsuit.
“I sure hope it will not,” he said, when asked if it the dispute could come to legal action. “We’ve been here in a peaceful fashion for many years. I hope that calm minds will prevail.”
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