WARNING GRAPHIC: This secretly recorded footage will make you lose your appetite forever. But we can stop it.

You sit down for breakfast and want to enjoy a nice big omelette, full of all the works: mushrooms, some cheddar, maybe some peppers and onions. Fluffy, delicious, filling. You sit back and pat your tummy: that was good. And technically vegetarian (if that's your thing). So no one hurt. Think again.

This is the byproduct of that omelette. Over 40 million "useless" male chicks who are either ground up alive or suffocated because they are unable to lay eggs. Farmers don't even consider it worth it to raise them for meat.

Trueactivist.comA Chicago-based nonprofit called, "Mercy for Animals" went undercover to work at Hy-Line's Iowa egg factory for two weeks. This video was secretly recorded. The footage is deeply disturbing: baby chicks are funnelled down a conveyor belt where workers pick out the males and toss them down a separate chute. The male chicks are ground up by a meat grinder. Here you can watch the entire process, and what happens when it goes horribly (even worse) wrong.

According to sources, over 200 million male chicks are killed around the world this way, often ending up in dog food or fertiliser. It is accepted as "humane" by the Humane Slaughter Association. As you can see, however, it most certainly is not.

But one country has changed all that - thanks to the teaming up of scientists and activists, this practice has just been banned in Germany. It is the first country in the world to do so. Thanks to new technology, German egg manufacturers can now determine the sex of each egg before a fertilized egg can develop. All male eggs will be removed from the hatchery, only allowing the female chicks to come into the world. The male eggs will be used for other purposes, rather than being allowed to hatch and mercilessly shred to death.

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This pointless slaughter has to stop. Millions of little male chicks do not have to suffer just for your omelette. Show that you care about the fate of these little cute critters by signing this petition to ban chick shredding in the United States. SHARE this story with everyone you know to help get as many signatures as possible and put an end to the madness!
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