ISIS Now Sending SICK New “Dolls” To Iraq To Slaughter Children… Here’s Why They’re Deadly

The Islamic State group has no problem using children to further its missions, even if it means sacrificing those children in gruesome, horrific ways.
Now, the terrorist group has found another way to involve children in its bloody violence against Christians and other Muslims, and it is absolutely terrifying.
Iraqi security forces recently seized more than a dozen booby trapped dolls which had been part of an Islamic State group plot to attack Shia pilgrims, according to U.K. Daily Mail.
Eighteen improved explosive devices had to be defused and destroyed by security officials in Baghdad after they were found hidden inside the hollow bodies of the children’s toy dolls.
The Islamic State group reportedly had planned to place these doll-bombs along the road between the Iraqi capital and Karbala, where millions of Shia Muslims will be walking next month during their annual pilgrimage for Arbaeen.
The religious observance signifies the end of the 40-day period of mourning following the anniversary of Imam Hussein’s death, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.
One of the largest religious gatherings in the world, Arbaeen sees millions make the journey to Karbala over several weeks, with a record 17.5 million commemorating the observance last year.
The Kuwait News agency reported that security officials in northeastern Baghdad found the dolls in a suburb of al-Husseiniya.
The sickening discovery came soon after several deadly bombs went off in Baghdad, where at least 15 people lost their lives. Ten of those people were killed when a roadside bomb went off near a mosque just as worshippers were finishing Friday prayers, according to police.
Moments later, a suicide bomber inside the mosque detonated an explosive vest. In addition to the deceased, 28 people were wounded in the attack, police said.
Although the Islamic State group has not claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks on the capital, the group is responsible for most of the almost daily attacks in the area.
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