Valuable Oil for Women: It Relieves Pain and it Helps in Alleviating Symptoms of Cystic and Swollen Breasts (RECIPE)

The most popular oil is the dandelion flower oil that is highly praised in America. It is beneficial for arthritis and gout pain, swollen breasts, stress and joint pains. It’s always good to have some on hand because it has a strong relaxing and analgesic effect.
Dandelion is generally beneficial for women diseases, especially for prevention and treatment of breast disease, cysts, cancer, swelling and problems with breastfeeding.
Dandelion oil harmlessly eases pain; it soothes arthritic joints, back pain, sinus headaches, a stiff neck and imperfections on the skin.
Valuable Oil for Women_ It Relieves Pain and it Helps in Alleviating Symptoms of Cystic and Swollen Breasts (RECIPE)
The flowers have a special effect on the breast. By using regularly this oil you’ll have numerous positive effects. It relaxes deeply the tissue in the breast and it helps you to release suppressed emotions. When applied regularly to the breasts, dandelion oil gives a better sense of well-being and it strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer as well.

Breast pain or breast tenderness before period, cysts, benign lumps of connective tissue (fibroma), mastopathy (fibrocystic mastopathy) are widely spread conditions that affect many women in the world. One of the main culprits of the occurrence of benign disease is increasing stress to which we are daily exposed.
Breast pain is often caused by cysts – fluid-filled sacs which during period change its shape and size. They are often soft, smooth and mobile to touch, but if they are filled with water, they can be hard too.
Dandelion flower oil combined with dandelion root oil can help with minor infections, it relieves swollen mammary glands and it reduces cysts in the breasts. Dandelion flowers contain lecithin, which helps with diseases such as psoriasis, when applied topically. Dandelion flower oil can be used for massages of the whole body and it reduces tensions as well. Moreover, it is suitable for treatment of cats because it is sweet and does not contain salicylates which could harm them.
Dandelion infused oil recipe
 – Dandelion flowers
– High quality cold pressed oil (almond, apricot, macadamia, olive, sesame or grape seed oil)
Fill half to two-thirds of small jars with dandelion flowers. Pour the oil over the flowers to the top so that they are completely covered. Stir the mixture well. Place gauze on top of the jar and secure it with a rubber band. Leave the jar in a sunny warm place for two weeks or until the flowers get brownish. After that, strain the oil into a sterilized dark bottle. Keep the oil in a cool dark place.
Quick recipe for infusing dandelion flower oil
If 2 weeks are too long for you, you can prepare the oil differently. Fill two-thirds of the jar with the flowers and pour the oil over them to the top until they are covered. Pour the mixture of flowers and oil in a pan with a double bottom and slowly heat at low temperature for about 30-60 minutes. The oil must not be too hot, because you do not want to overcook the flowers. The longer you heat up the oil at the lowest temperature the stronger effect it will have. Pour the mixture back into the jar and leave it for one day in the sun. Then strain. Although the recipe is quicker, you should use this slow infusion method.
How to use dandelion oil?
Once the oil is prepared, rub it on the painful area several times a day.
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