Doctors want to do a kidney transplant. What they find in the donor is a true twist of fate!

In October last year, Mr and Mrs Herbert decided to make a quick stop at a flea-market during a car-ride. It was a decision that would change both their own lives and that of another. At the market, Don suddenly hears a hymn coming from a church, and being an Enthusiastin gospel singer, he enters the chapel. Here he meets Tim Jones. The two become friends and add each other on facebook, before Don and his wife Belinda drive home. 
Facebook/Don N Belinda Herbert
The life of this couple has been on and off for 12 years because Don has had chronic liver disease for years. Belinda worries terribly for her partner. 6 months before the encounter with Tim, Don had a liver transplant. The operation went well, but the the shock: his kidneys had failed!
Facebook/Don Herbert Soloist
Don had to start on dialysis, but what he actually needs is a donor-kidney. This could take 5-7 years! Belinda can't handle it. One evening she said in front of her computer and posted a desperate call for help: "I want the man I love to live a long life. I want to grow old with him by my side", she wrote.  
Facebook/Don N Belinda Herbert
Her plea for people to get tested as possible donors reached Tim. The words of this desperate wife moved him and he was the first to respond to her call. He phoned Belinda and promised her help her in any way possible.
What he couldn't have known, was that this decision would also change his own fate. 
Facebook/Tim B Jones
For Tim, undergoing a blood test to determine whether he was a match, was never a question. The unbelievable showed without a doubt that he not only the right blood group is, but that he is a perfect donor for Don. He is one in 20000! Don and Tim were taken in the operating room and Tim saved his friends life, although they had only known each other a few weeks. However the doctors then make a terrible discovery!
During the operation they found an Aneurism in Tim's body - an artery enlargement, that would have killed him if it had been left undiscovered. The aneurism could be removed free of problems and, therefore through his selfless act of donating his kidney, he saved two lives. If Tim had not offered to help, he probably would have died soon.
Tim and Don  both recuperated well from their operations and are overwhelmed by the incredible stories, that will now bind their lives with each other forever. SHARE this story with everyone that you know, because good deeds never go unnoticed.

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