This happens to your body when you drink a glass of honey-water every day!

Everyone has heard that honey is a healing agent, but do you know what honey is best used for? If you drink a glass of water with honey every day, you'll be surprised by the result!
Honey has been used since around 3000 BC by the Egyptians as a healing agent. There, honey is known as the "food of the gods". They use the sweet, syrupy nectar for the treatment of wounds and as both a diuretic and laxative. The ancient Greeks also knew the value of honey. So well, that they busied themselves with bee-keeping, and even the greek philosopher Aristotle wrote the first literature on the topic. In addition, the Greeks use honey-water as a performance enhancer for their athletes at the olympic games. Between the different disciplines, the athletes drink the sweet water to quickly regain their strength and increase their stamina.
You'll receive these 8 health benefits when you drink a glass of honey-water every day:
1. No more potbelly
For stomach aches or a potbelly we recommend a glass of warm honey-water. It neutralises the gases in the guts and after a short time you'll feel lighter.
2. Strengthen the immune system
Honey has an impressive trait. It is able to strengthen the immune system. In addition it is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Scientific studies have even proven that honey has an antibiotic effect. The so-called Osmotic Effect ensures that the bacteria in the body are killed through direct contact with the honey. Due to the high sugar content the bacteria are denied water, and hence die. 
3. Detox for the body
Every day, through our food or our consumption of beverages such as alcohol, we intake various toxins that get deposited in our organs, like the intestine and liver. One course of warm honey-water will help the body to remove these toxins. If you then add a little lemon juice to the sweet drink, that'll also support the detoxification, because lemon acts as a diuretic and propels the toxins out of the body more quickly.
4. Clean skin
Just like the body's detoxification, honey also aids complexion, and due to its antibacterial properties, ensures clearer skin. Other than just drinking honey-water daily, it's also possible to make a face mask with honey and refine the complexion.

5. Weight loss 
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The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of honey is the high sugar content. Yes, there's sugar in honey, but it's not comparable to the industrial form. The main ingredient is fructose and dextrous, but honey also contains other natural sugars, which vary between the types of honey. These natural sugars drastically reduce our apetite for sweets. The body's craving for sugar gets muted by the honey. Careful! Honey should be consumed in moderation during a diet, because it's not low in calories. 
6. Relieve a sore throat
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Warm honey-water also helps against a sore throat because the antibiotic effect fights against respiratory infections and relieves coughing. 
7. Cholesterol reducing
Honey is able to lower the cholesterol and to prevent deposits on the vessel walls due to the amount of antioxidants. The dark varieties can reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries. 
8. Minimise risk of Heart Disease
There are also antioxidants in honey, which protect the heart. With a healthy cholesterol level, the risk of stroke and heart attack are also reduced. 
Give it a try! A cup of warm honey-water per day strengthens the immune system, reduces stomach- and throat pain, can support you through your diet, detoxes your body, cleans your skin, and conserves your heart and vessels from calcification.

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