This guy uploads a Facebook profile. But as he zooms in he gobsmacked and his friend howl with laughter!

Photos capture amazing moments - for ever. Annoyingly so, if it's not only the beautiful ballgown, the gorgeous beach vacation and beloved moments with love that are captured, but also dad, when he's in the background again, playing a practical joke. These 14 fathers really are the Masters of Photobombing!! No. 11 shows 2 absolute professionals....
1. "Whatever  you do to my daughter, I'll do to you!"

imgur/holy bowler
2. The points for the best Selfie-Pose goes clearly to dad! 

3. Dad's underarm hair absolutely needs to be in the family album. 

4. Oh, a dream in a pinkAAAAARRGH!!! 

Twitter/Awkward Family Pics
5. The "Duck-Arse bomb" belongs in the repertoire of every well-practiced photobomber. 

6. Sexy beach pose - Daughter: 0, Dad:1 

Twitter/the poke
7. You only see about a dozen hot Bikini-Babes? Then look a bit closer: This photobomber is the king of subtlety!

8. Celebrity offspring aren't safe from embarrassing dad poses either. Even David Beckham enjoys sneaking into his son's selfies.

9. And Taylor Swift's dad would like to take away just a little of the spotlight from his daughter the Pop star. 

Twitter/women tricks
10. This dad already regrets having accompanied his daughter to her 1st concert... 

11. What is missing from a romantic Photoshoot? Dad and  step-dad flashing in the background!

imgur/Murphy Roeder
12. Singin' In The Rain - with this metal-dad-photobomber, perhaps not!

twitter/sadie coward
13. Sexy Outfit: Daughter: 0, Dad: 2 

14. Son's newest sunnies advance just once to the background... No words! 


This photos would only be half as great, if they didn't have the extra Dad-bonus! If these snuggly dads made you laugh out loud too, then SHARE the photobombs with everyone that you know.
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