There’s an impaled child with a knife in it’s neck in the front yard. 15 houses that really know how to celebrate Halloween!

Halloween is just hours away! And in the last few years it's started threatening Christmas as the event of the the year. A pumpkin on your front porch simply isn't enough anymore - and it's become a true competition with your neighbor. Here are 14 feel-good houses that have materialized just in time for Halloween! Number 12 is almost too much for me ...
1. "Knock knock" "Who's there?" "Just kidding, I'm going somewhere else!"

2. Even UFOs have problems with their GPS ...

3. Uh, goosebumps.

4. THAT is what I call real dedication! And the fog is perfect camouflage for the unmowed lawn.

5. Larethia Haddon from Detroit enjoys dressing this doll differently every day. The result: several 911 calls from concerned neighbors in passing. But once the mistake has been cleared up everyone is laughing!

6. This oversized scarecrow with pumpkin isn't just for scaring off birds ...

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7. Anyone can carve a pumpkin - how about King Kong and Jurassic Park in your front lawn?

8. A massive pirate ship breaking through your house? Easy peasy for any Halloween fanatic!

9. Someone forgot to move their cementary here. Creepy!

10. This decorated house is definitely haunted!

11. But that's child's play in comparison to this torture chamber here!


12. This inmate is clearly inspired. These bodies look TOO real for me ...


13. Exterminating THESE spiders might need a professional.

14. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! 

This is really decorating on the next level - bring on Halloween! When these horror homes also impressed you as much as they did me then SHARE these terrifying pictures with all your friends!
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