This nurse discovers her dying patient is someone who shattered her life. But, now they have a second chance.

Life is a matter of second chances: even for those who have committed horrible mistakes in the past and even for those who have hurt others. But, some people don't receive this second chance. Yet, sometimes there are some who, by a wonderful stroke of fate, are allowed to make things good again for those they have hurt.
This is what happened to Victor Peraza and his little daughter, Wanda.
Victor abandoned the family just months after Wanda was born. They never saw him ever again.
Now, Wanda is all grown up and has her own family. She's even a nurse! Victor hasn't been so lucky and is fighting his last battle against cancer. Astonishingly: in the exact same hospital that Wanda works at. Destiny made Wanda his nurse.
The moment they see each other for the first time: they knew their lives would never be the same.
These moments of redemption and love are what make life worth living. For that reason SHARE this story with everyone you know. You never know who you might get back in touch with.
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