Pumpkin Honey For Boosting the Immune System and Improve Liver Health – Recipe

Due to the high content of vitamins and carotene, this honey strengthens the immune system, and thanks to its mild laxative and diuretic effects, it is an excellent choice for chronic constipation and various diseases of the colon. Here is a list of its positive effects that it has on the body:
It is particularly effective in the secretion of bile in relation to liver and kidney problems, and it is a good choice for people with high cholesterol. It is considered to be a natural remedy for the urinary tract.
Pumpkin Honey for Boosting the immune system and Improve Liver Health - Recipe
How to make pumpkin honey by yourself?

Cut the top of mature pumpkins and get rid of the seeds and fibers. Pour honey or brown sugar in the hole you’ve created and then cover it with the top you’ve cut. Leave like that for ten days in a cool place. During this period, the sugar in the pumpkin will melt.
It would be best to store the honey in the refrigerator in a clean glass jar with a lid on for at least a month. In order to preserve it longer, you can boil until thickened, but in this case it will lose a part of its useful substances. You can eat it as a treat taking two to three tablespoons a day or sweeten your tea with it.
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