If You Ever Thought The Bermuda Triangle Is A Myth, Take Look At This…

You probably have heard of Bermuda triangle, how true that it really exist? How might is it like it has been proclaimed that is planes have vanished. We can only tell when the story behind it has been documented well, but who is courageous enough to film what goes on there? There are lots of daredevils out there and probably from this video you can tell who got the guts.
In this video on river Daugava in parish, show a phenomenon feature, something that probably doesn’t happen that often, the huge whirlpool resembles of what has been told of Bermuda triangle, this whirlpool for no explanation at all, swallows debris and everything it comes across within the river and enormous speed, there are scientific explanation to such logic but this one seems to be an exceptional, just like what happens when you drain off the water from the bath tab. The video is filmed by the two men who are standing along the river bank.
Now you have an insight of how the Bermuda triangle is, thanks to these guys as you can see how powerful and violent whirlpools can be.

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