While his daughter dies this father records something unbelievably beautiful with his phone. Wow!

Lindsey Lourenco is a fighter. And these are no empty words: Lindsey is just 18 years old and has spent 6 of those years fighting blood cancer. Each time that the girl recovers from an agonizing round of chemotherapy, hoping that this time the cancer was defeated, the terrible disease strikes again. The final collapse comes worse than all the previous ones. Ultimately, she falls into a coma from which she will never awaken.

On this day her mother sat next to her hospital bed and gave birth to these infinitely touching images of love.

The love of a mother for her child is singular and unique. This video shows the incredibly sad, but just as beautiful moment between Lindsey and her mother in the most poignant and touching way possible. The Lourenco family is certain that Lindsey felt this unbelievably beautiful song from her mother despite the coma. 

When this video, that Lindsey’s father recorded and published, also moved you so much then share it with everyone you know so that they may share in this moment.

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