He Is Yanked Out Of The Car By The No-Nonsense Mom. Reason? So Shocking!

It’s believed that mothers are God sent even by some intelligent minds out there!
Being tough, sometimes can be the right word to describe the nature of our mothers. It’s not easy to take them lightly since their power cannot go unnoticed. For instance, they ensure that their kids are well protected from all threats, they do all they can and ensure all ends meet and can deny themselves to tend for their sick babies until all is ok.
As a mother, Jessica Liesmann has taken motherhood to a new level! Most refer the 29 years of age mother who reside in Dallas as “Mama Bear” and her act of fame has caused some stir over the internet.  One local news team captured her dangerous, yet heroic deed and went viral once it was posted over the internet.
Jessica was never aware that she was about to take part in some high-speed chase when she was patiently sited at the red light. The kind of bravery this woman shows within this amazing video footage left me shocked! Is a mere soccer mom capable of such a punch?


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