What This Mother Does To The Newborn Baby Is So Amazing. I Love It!

I bet you have never seen this before! Here a Sumatran by the name Kea is given birth to in what can be considered as a “miracle birth”. The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is the place where this took place and the video was captured by one of their staff.
Though some graphic imagery exists at the beginning, the birth of this baby is phenomenal to watch. Watching the way the Mom cradles her and then holds her in her arms tightly as well as the removal of the umbilical cord is so impressive. Have you seen how she wipes clean the amniotic fluid by liking her with her mouth? Though it can be considered to be a little gross, the beauty behind it is hard to ignore. Maternal instincts are always out of this world!
The mission of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is to provide a breeding ground for species that are endangered as well as save others from extinction. This charitable institution which has a Dodo as the symbol was founded by Gerald Durrell in 1963.


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