I Thought She Was Helpless In Front Of Him. But Then She Did This… UNBELIEVABLE!

Coming to meet someone who wants to harm you is just a dream. In this video we can say that it’s a basic of saving your life one day. This world is full of people who are inhuman, take for instance, this lady who confronted a handicapped person horribly even after parking in his space!

Attacking someone is denying him his right, but it’s even more hurting when you are being hurt by someone who is stronger and even bigger than you. Saving yourself from someone who’s determined to chock you can’t be possible if you cannot pull his or her hands from your throat, so this self-protector coach wants you to know how to defend yourself.

My thinking was, the little girl was helpless in front of him. The wonderful technique that’s demonstrated at: 47 caught me by surprise. Watch what’s demonstrated at 1:14. Though the words we use can scare our enemies away, there comes a time when it’s our actions that will only save us!


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