What the camera records in this home left me speechless. No words!

In a home in Seattle two worlds collide. But this has rarely functioned so well as here in Providence Mount St. Vincent senior citizen center. The 400 senior citizens are plagued daily by a hoard of young children: little hooligans from the local kindergarten. They make music together, paint, dance, read stories, or make sandwiches for the homeless. Both sides profit: the little whippersnappers receive a ton of attention and learn how to handle older people with disabilities.
The seniors in the retirement home, who often suffer from loneliness and depression as they age, feel useful again. “Just a few moments before the kids came in, the people looked only half alive and were falling asleep while sitting. It was depressing,” Evan Briggs, the filmmaker, remembers. “But as soon as the children appeared, all the residents awoke to life again.” The video shows what happens when the old and young come together.

Combining a retirement home with a kindergarten was a brilliant idea. It is beautiful to see that such a place actually exists - hopefully there will be more! When this project also left you utterly enthused, then SHARE this story!
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