Ghost Scare Prank Goes Horribly WRONG As Prankster Gets Run Over By Speeding Car!

Performing pranks and uploading them to YouTube has become very common nowadays.
The real good pranks can earn you millions of views and overnight popularity. When this occurs you end up having a lot of wannabe’s thinking they can jump on the bandwagon. These usually turn out either lame, stupid or end up backfiring on the prankster.
Here’s a case where some wannabe pranksters tried jumping on the bandwagon and ended up having their fairly stupid attempt at a prank totally backfire on them.
These two geniuses decided to scare moving vehicles by posing as ghosts. They went all out and took a pair of their white bedsheets to put over themselves to be as convincing as possible. One would get in front of the car, hoping that the person would throw it in reverse, and then the other would appear behind the car.
Well one guy was either not amused, or else he truly thought there would be no harm driving through one the these guys since they are in fact, ghosts. Whatever the case he plows the ghost over.
Check out this video to see how it all went down:

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