WARNING: Graphic. This camera recorded something terrifying but beautiful at the same time.

Lesia and Jonathan Pettijohn are from Houston, Texas. After the birth of 2 daughters, the whole thing seems a bit routine. But the 3rd time must be the charm! Suddenly her water breaks after 45 minutes in the car. Lesia grips her baby belly and screams uncontrollably from pain. She can’t hold it any longer and begins to push: the baby is born in the car while in motion! The newly-made father of 3 recorded the entire birth on his GoPro camera. This video shows a small miracle and will give you goosebumps all over:

"The only reason why I didn’t stop was that I wanted to get to the hospital as quickly as possible incase something went wrong,” the father Jonathan explains. But the concern is unfounded: the little Josiah Benjamin Pettijohn is as fit as fiddle and weighs in at almost 10 pounds! The parents can’t be prouder of their little sonny who is now an internet star. If this car birth also took your breath away, than share this miracle captured on camera with all your friends!

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