I Was Stunned By The Turn Of Events At Wedding Of A 12 Years Of Age Bride With A 37 Years Of Age Groom

Weddings carry a lot of significance for the groom, bride and their friends and families. That is normally the case when the involved persons are of age and are consensual.

This clip reveals the painful truth that takes place each and every day in which thousands of girls are forcefully married when they are underage.

This occasion was organized by Plan Norway over the International Day of the Girl Child (a day brought into existence by UN). None of the invited persons was left unmoved by the powerful message. This was the first official child wedding within Norway and all those who were outside and inside the church demonstrated against it. Thea (a 12 years of age girl) was supposed to marry Geir (a 37 years of age man). At the point where the minister was about to ask the bride whether she accepted the groom as her husband, resounding shouts saying “Stop the wedding!” were heard.

Then the bride did something that shocked everyone.

All this had been organized by a Norwegian based organization for awareness creation against this vice.


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