They Never Thought This “Fat” Dancer Will Do It. Watch What She Did When She Took The Stage… OMG!

For you to perform on any stage, you need to have guts. Wearing a bikini top to perform on the same stage requires more guts. Then, how do you call a person whom the society believes is not the ideal model of beauty wearing a bikini top ready to take the stage? That means sexiness and confidence is already taken to another level.

Within this video, fabulous Mandanah was doing a solo drum belly dance. Since its posting, this clip has garnered over 22 million views. Mandanah rates highly amongst the full-figured and highly awarded belly dancers. Many celebrate her in her stage presence, enthusiasm and dynamic performance – all those are present within this video. She is able to connect the music with her body motions and know how to control everything she does.

Though there are still some commenters who have gone ahead and said nasty things about here look, her praises outweigh such criticism.

I’m made to recall one performance at Britain’s Got Talent where Emma Haslam took the stage and did a worthy performance. Some were ready to write her off as a serious competitor due to her big body size, but ended up performing amazingly.


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