A Husband Decides To Capture The Wife’s Pregnancy. This Is Absolutely MAGICAL!

In most cases, pregnancy is part of what defines what womanhood is. Beauty is the best term which can be used to describe the body of a pregnant woman.  It gets even more special when the kicks of the young one are felt and heard from inside the tummy. This is what one family decided to record in this video. It all started with a curious husband who never wanted to miss any stage of his wife’s final periods of pregnancy.  He was amazed when he saw the baby’s movements through the wife’s tummy.

The couple enjoys the fun which the baby-to-be is having while capturing this clip. This happens while the pregnant woman is resting on the couch. The baby can’t just stop enjoying having the fun; one may think that it knows that both mum and dad are watching the way it does the poking. This video will absolutely provide the couple with a way to remember the pregnancy.

The dad thinks that the baby has been bored the many months it has spent in the tummy and thus needs some fun.


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