This Is What You Get When You Meet Up An Owl With A Cat. Incredible!

Here, we have Fum, a black kitty, and then we have Gebra, a small young owl. Now they meet up!
From a common perspective, cats and owls don’t get along, and so when the two meet, you would expect it to be the start of world war 3! Many people would just hang down their shoulders and wait for a disaster.
In this video, this notion is totally erased! What happens between Fum and Gebra is bound to leave you breathless. In fact, I had to give these two guys a cool thumbs up!
This video looks like a true love story, only that this time round, we have a cat and an owl pulling off incredible stunts and sharing a kind of love previously unseen between the two creatures!
Watch as they play along. Gebra swoops in and Fum jumps up, even doing some kind of whirls in the wind! It doesn’t stop there. The two “attached” creatures even take some “picnics” in the woods and bushes, along the rocks and on the fields while still sharing a playful mood. See Fum playfully kick Gebra around while Gebra retaliates, acting like she wants to kiss him! It’s so adorable I had to watch it thrice!
Watch this great clip and share your thoughts in the comments. Also see their website for more on the story.
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