He Risked His Life To Do This For The Wild Sheep. What A Heart!

Wild sheep or mouflons are one of the shy and agile creatures around. Though the curved horns that the males have can sometimes make them to be dangerous, they never stand the presence of humans.
One man was out jogging when he came across one wild sheep which had its horns entangled around a tree branch. He decided to rescue the trapped animal. Though it might sound easy, it requires more than courage and willingness to save wild animals that are in need of help.
Though the jogger knew he was putting his life in danger when he decided to help the poor animal, he went ahead and did what he thought was right. I think the right person arrived at the scene at the right time.
Out of panic, the mouflon was erratic and distressed. In an attempt to free itself from the tree, it had done several circles around the tree without any success. The presence of the joggers and the fact that it was stuck made the situation a little bit worse for the animal.
I’m not sure of what I could have done if I found myself in a similar situation, but I have to appreciate the effort of this man. Though we know wild animals can sometimes be dangerous, we might end up hurting them if we fail to react when they need our help.
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