She Started Filming Her Twins, What The One On The Right Did? So Cute!

What’s sweeter than a happy baby? Two happy babies, of course!
Having twins is such a blessing. Growing up in today’s world can be difficult, but with someone constantly by your side, it doesn’t always have to be.
We’ve seen how twins like these babies share a special bond from the moment they’re born, and it only grows with age. However, having twin babies in the house isn’t just fun for the little ones. Anyone who knows a pair of tiny twins knows it can also be lots of fun for the adults in the family, too.
In the following clip, we see a pair of adorable, eight-month-old girls who can’t help but start to boogie their little hearts out when their mom starts to sing, and it’s absolutely hysterical. They’re so smart, too! I was shocked that I couldn’t understand what their mom was trying to hum, but the babies seemed to instantly recognize the tune as the theme song from the BBC show EastEnders.
Their happy little faces made me smile so much. These two definitely know how to move to a good beat, but will they continue dancing and end up like these talented twins? I sure hope so!
I think the baby on the right already has more rhythm than I do!

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