He Went For A Drive In The Woods, But Never Expected To Find This Creep Fest

A few years ago, Canadian Redditor Bender420 was driving through the wilderness near his hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick, when he spotted something overlooking the road on a hilltop. Like any naturally curious person, he pulled over and went to investigate. From a distance, it appeared to be a woman standing on the hilltop and looking out over the forest. Yet as he got closer, everything changed.

The view from the road looking up at the hill. It's hard to spot, but there's a tiny speck there, watching and standing still.

Getting closer. It looks like a woman who's stopped mid-stride.

What the...?! It's some sort of mannequin dressed in animal fur with hooves.

It turns out that this creepily dressed mannequin is actually an installation from Montreal-based artist WhiteFeather. This particular installation is named Alma.

Alma was installed by WhiteFeather on the hilltop in 2009. She is a vintage mannequin with human hair dressed in Persian lambskin, beaver fur, rabbit fur, mink, raffia, goatskin, acrylic paint, gold leaf, beeswax, deer hooves, moose teeth, and taxidermy epoxy.

Sadly, visitors to Fredericton, New Brunswick, can no longer find Alma in her usual spot. She was stolen off the hilltop in August 2012.

(source Reddit)
I imagine Bender420 didn't sleep too well for a few nights after discovering Alma. I know I wouldn't, especially after thinking some creepy person on a deserted hilltop is watching me, only to find out it's an even creepier art project. For more surrealist art installations, make sure to follow WhiteFeather onFacebook and Instagram.
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