Shark Swims Up To Diver For a Cuddle Whenever He Goes Diving

 Imagine having a BFF at the bottom of the ocean. Picture this: a scuba diver’s underwater escapades accompanied by a fantastic friend. Meet Rick Anderson, the underwater maestro with over 27 years of scuba wisdom. Rick’s unconventional sidekick isn’t some marine superstar, but a female shark he befriended when she was a tiny pup.

Back in the day, Rick stumbled upon a Port Jackson pup and, being the aquatic socialite he is, started giving her friendly pats. Fast forward through the years, and this pup turned into a full-sized shark with a soft spot for Rick. Whenever he dives into the deep blue, she gracefully glides over for a dose of attention.

No fishy business here – Anderson never feeds his underwater companion. This dynamic duo shares a bond that’s harder to fathom than the ocean’s depths. Even Rick’s scuba cronies have trouble wrapping their flippers around the spectacle of a man and his finned BFF, weaving through the waves of disbelief in their underwater friendship.

Meet Rick Anderson, an Aussie bloke who proudly considers a female Port Jackson shark his pal.

He mentions that whenever he encounters her, she swims over for a cuddle.

I began frolicking with her roughly seven years back when she was a mere six-inch-long pup.

Approaching cautiously to avoid startling her, I started softly patting her.

I used to cradle her in my hand, speaking soothingly through my regulator to comfort her.

As the seasons passed, she began recognizing me, swimming up for a pat and cuddle.

She’ll tap me on the legs until I extend my arms, offering a cozy spot for her to lay on and enjoy a cuddle.

I steer clear of feeding her or any of the other sharks I interact with; I essentially treat them just like I would a dog.

More Details: Rick’s Dive School | Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

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