Wild chipmunks enjoy some corn on the cob


A Canadian woman and her husband lived near a beautiful 

lake in a deep forest. The woman was a nature lover and a wildlife enthusiast who had made chipmunk friends.

Wild chipmunk

Recently, the kind woman decided to feed the chipmunks with some corn cobs. While preparing the snacks, the little chipmunk Chucky appeared at the door, asking her to open the door.

As soon as the lady opened the door, the wild chipmunk dashed into the house and went straight to the food section. Happy to find her friend coming home, the lady decided to give Chucky some corn after it cooled down.

Wild chipmunk

Chucky kept eating the seeds and returned to the door to go out onto the porch. However, he soon returned after a while. The little fellow was now accompanied by the lady’s husband. But unfortunately, he was not interested in eating the corn cob.

Soon, Wally appeared at the door. So, the lady’s husband took Chucky out for some gardening. Although Wally stood near the screen door, he did not seem interested in the corn.

Wild chipmunk

Thus, the lady asked her husband to give Wally some seeds and nuts. While Wally ate his seeds, Bujji approached carefully from behind. These two chipmunks were neighbors but didn’t get along.

Bujji ate the seeds while a new member of the chipmunk, Juri, joined in to eat the corn cob. Unfortunately, Juri was not interested. The lady concluded that maybe the chipmunks did not like boiled corn. Jenny was the only chipmunk who ate the kernel of the corn.

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