Lissa has spent a fortune on her huge butt


Our appearance is a mix of our genes, lifestyle, and habits. Most people are okay with their appearance, or at least have accepted how they look.

Sure, you might consider working out to get rid of that beer gut or wish you had a smaller nose, but these are little things and won’t keep you awake at night.

For some, however, appearances are critical, and they’ll do anything to achieve their ideal look, from expensive treatments to crazy diets and even surgery. However, it is entirely up to them as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

Lissa Aires, 29, is a person chasing after the perfect look. She dreams of having the “biggest butt on the web” and has spent a hefty amount on plastic surgery.

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Lissa, who lives in London, has an Instagram account with two million followers, who love the provocative photos that the 29-year-old posts daily.

Spent over $50,000

To attract as many followers as possible, Lissa has spent almost the equivalent of $50,000 to enlarge her butt.

“I always had curves, but I also always wanted to have the biggest bum. I want to have the best shape to take the photos, so I invested heavily,” Lissa told the Daily Star.

The doctors took fat from different parts of Lissa’s body and then moved it into her glutes.

Earns the big bucks with her ass

However, the investment seems to be paying off. Shortly after Lissa’s last butt surgery, she started an account on the site OnlyFans.

It is a website where you can pay to see exclusive pictures of various types of people, mainly women.

Now Lissa has the “biggest butt on OnlyFans” and makes a lot of money selling pictures of her curvy rear. In August, she reached her first million from making content on OnlyFans.

“I bought my first property in Miami. In my best month, I earned over £75,000 ($90,000)” Lissa said.

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