Woman claims to be a 44-year-old grandmother, but many believe she is lying about her age


The world of social media and, in general, the internet, can unfortunately be the perfect hiding place for those who want to express their negative opinions at all costs, regardless of the feelings of others. Behind a keyboard and a screen, there is still a flesh and blood person - a person whose feelings are impacted by inappropriate, cruel comments and criticism, just like anyone is when confronted by mean, unkindly comments. On the internet, however, it seems to be much easier to lash out with negative comments, without reflecting on the consequences at all. Fortunately, Claire McGougan, was able to react with irony and determination to those who accused her of lying in her videos. The Scottish woman is a 44-year-old grandmother, but no one seems to believe that this is her real age, or the fact that she is already a grandmother.

It's all too easy to come across the nastiness and jealousy of people pouring out all their frustration online, but luckily Claire McGougan didn't let this get her down. The young grandmother, sporting a very strong Scottish accent, responded to all the comments of from haters who accuse her of lying about her age. Claire is 44, she's going on 45, and she's already a grandma! Some of her more than 55,000 followers, however, do not seem to be convinced of these facts and did not miss the opportunity to offend her and try to discredit her claims.

In response to the negative comments, Claire posted a video in which she is holding her young grandson in her arms: "Yes, I am 100% a grandmother. I love it, it's the best thing ever! I'm happy, happy!" stated the young grandmother.

To those who claim that she looks much younger than her claimed age  (44 going on 45) and that, as a result, she can't be a grandmother, Claire replies sincerely: "Only my complexion is youthful, otherwise I have a perfectly normal body for my age."

Nonetheless, the debate about Claire's real age was divisive and opinions were split: there are those who believe she is much younger than 40. And then there were those who believe she is more than 50 years old. Claire's response, however, was not long in coming and put everyone in their place: "I'll be 45 in July... on the 3rd, and if you want, you can send me a birthday card!".

 Source: www.wtvideo.com

What can we say? Jealousy certainly is a green-eyed monster!



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