Neighbor Hears Screaming Across Street and finds Little Girl Strapped to Gate with Bungee Cord


 Child abuse comes in many forms – and some are more blatantly obvious than others. So when one concerned neighbor, Matt Knight, saw the small girl who lived across the street from him strapped to their front metal fence with rubber bungee cords, he sprung into action.

He took a photo of the girl pinned against the fence with the cord under her throat and around her waist so he could have evidence to present to authorities, then he worked to free her from the constraints. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he and other neighbors have seen the young girl in precarious situations. The girl has been spotted roaming the streets unsupervised and uncared for numerous times over the past several months.
Police have visited this house three times in the last month alone for reports of child abuse, yet the little girl is allowed to live with the irresponsible parents. To get things moving, both Matt and the KHQ news channel have hounded Child Protective Services in hopes that this will force them to propel the case and get the girl out of her dangerous home! Some people just shouldn’t be parents.
Warning – some may find images in video disturbing.

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