8 things you should never throw into your fireplace


When winter arrives and the cold follows it, anyone who is lucky enough to have a beautiful and comfortable fireplace in their home have little choice but to light it up. Not only does having a lit fireplace on the coldest and harshest days help to lower household electrical consumption - saving on seasonal heating and radiators, for example - but a hot and crackling fire creates a cosy "atmosphere". But be careful what you throw into the flames - it may not be good for you or the fireplace itself.

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Here is a list of 8 things you should never throw into the fire while it is lit:

Some types of plants: even if you would want to throw some dead or dying plants into the fire, these are not suitable to for burning; many plants release some of their vegetable chemicals with the smoke, which could cause an allergic reaction or even prove poisonous, and can be especially damaging to our noses or eyes.
Some evergreen trees or branches: if you have bought a real Christmas tree for the holidays, for example, you should know that it is never a good idea to dispose of it in the fireplace. This is not just because the wood is not properly matured, but also because evergreen trees often contain very high levels of fast-burning resin that can reach high temperatures quickly and can cause dangerous fires to break out in the home.
Paper and cardboard: the problem is not the paper or the cardboard itself, but those with color images printed on their surface. These prints can release potentially toxic substances and gases into the air if burned in a fire.
Dryer fluff: How many times have you thought about disposing of your dryer fluff in the fireplace? Never do this. The fluff is made of synthetic fibers that can release chemical fumes into the air that are dangerous to your health.

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Treated wood: although your fire at home might be fueled by the wood you have stored throughout the year, you should never throw wood that is specially treated, coated, lacquered or painted into the flames; these all contain extremely dangerous chemicals, which can be released as toxic fumes into the air if burned.
Wet wood: never throw damp or wet wood into the fireplace - for one simple reason: burning wood with a high moisture content in the fireplace produces a lot more smoke than burning dry and older wood. This is a very important thing to remember.

Plastic: do not throw any kind of plastic into the fireplace - it is one of the most harmful chemicals of all that you could burn.
Kerosene or flame accelerators: do not use petrol, kerosene, various ignitor fluids and flame accelerators to feed the fire in your fireplace; this is because they are all highly flammable liquids and can jeopardize the integrity of the chimney and cause serious fires in your home. Be very careful.

Having read this handy little fireplace tips list, you will now know how to manage your fireplace, feed a small fire and heat up your house without burning products that could prove dangerous to your home or your health!

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