This couple has been criticized for the huge weight difference between them: she is "too thin" to be with such an obese man


"The heart cannot be controlled / The heart wants what the heart wants" - this sentiment perhaps explains how the most wonderful and also the "weirdest" of couples are formed. Everyone has their own tastes and should be happy with their choices: there is no "right and wrong" when you choose to share your life with someone you love. The important thing is, in fact, the love that binds the two people. There is no doubt that Sienna Keera and George Keywood are madly in love, but their relationship has been the target of numerous criticisms and discussions time and time again. People who see them on social media, in fact, can't get over it: how is it possible that a beautiful woman like Sienna - thin and lithe - is attracted to a man like George? George, in fact, is a severely overweight young man, and this is a physical condition that is typically never desired in a partner. The two, however, are happily married and also have a wonderful baby!

Most people feel compelled to judge others, without even knowing the story behind any particular individual. George and Sienna's relationship, for example, has long been in the spotlight, as Sienna often posts content about her family on her TikTok profile. The problem for many users would seem to be that they are unable to accept the love between a beautiful and thin woman like Sienna and an "extra large" man like George can be real. But what is the problem?

The two live in London, UK, after Sienna moved from Australia to start a family with "the light of her life". The couple, in fact, met online after George was contacted by the young woman, who had seen him act in a very popular television program on the BBC. And this is where the first suspicions and the first criticisms started from: isn't it that Sienna simply smelled the money?

But no, this is definitely not the case!

Sienna is in love with George's personality and, by her own admission, has always been attracted to heavier men. George, in fact, is a big man of some significant size, who feels comfortable with himself - but who also admits he's worried about the future. Being overweight is not a problem if you feel good about yourself, but it certainly it can be for one's health. Sooner or later, George will have to lose a few of his extra pounds if he wants to continue living happily with his family and see his little one grow up.

A lot of web users, however, never cease to be amazed and criticize the relationship between George and Sienna, calling it unhealthy. But what if they are truly happy like this?

What do you think? Can a significant difference in weight between a couple be an overwhelming problem in a relationship?


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