Teen Tormented By School Bullies For Years Waits For Prom Night To Get The Last Laugh


By the time she was 16, school had become a constant struggle for Paige Harker. Rumors turned into taunting, teasing and even physically assaulting her on a daily basis.

Paige was bullied so badly she missed an entire month of school. Her face flared up with stress acne and she was too ashamed to return to class. Her mom Haley had to pay for tutors when she fell behind.

Eventually, Paige considered giving up the chance at college and ultimately, her career. Haley desperately wanted Paige to stay in school and not put her future at risk. She decided to convince Paige to stay with the promise of giving her an incredible prom before leaving high school once and for all — and it worked.

"We had been counting down for about a year for Paige's prom because it marked the end of five years of hell," Haley said. "The night was a chance for her to say goodbye to her school for good."

The worried mom spared no expense to make sure her daughter had the night of her dreams. Six months before the event, she had a dazzling blue custom dress made as an incentive for Paige to stay in school.

When the night finally came, a horse-drawn carriage arrived outside Paige's home. Neighbors gathered to take photos of Paige all dressed up; for the first time ever, she felt like a celebrity.

Paige's classmates never expected her to arrive to prom in a Cinderella carriage with her custom dress, french manicure, eyelash extensions and brand new shoes and accessories... let alone show up at all.

Many parents spend up to $500 on prom in the UK, but Haley more than doubled that amount! But Haley says it was worth every cent just to see her so happy.

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 Source: littlethings.com

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