Senior woman strikes back at scammer and brings him to justice


It’s miserable; one of the most common and cowardly crimes is a scam of the elderly. As seniors will do anything for their grandchildren, this is frequently leveraged to get them to dish out money.

As the most frequent form of this scam, the criminal tries to convince a grandparent that their grandchild needs money for bail. However, for this retired 911 operator, she wasn’t going to fall for it.

Not only was 73 year old Jean Ebbert not going to become a victim, but she was going to make sure that the scam artist saw justice. With her skill and expertise, she devised a plan.

Jean Ebbert

Playing along with the scammer’s plot, she told him that she had the bail money in her house and that he would have to come to pick it up. He obviously isn’t good at his craft if he falls for this trick.

Well, he did, and without missing a beat, he showed up at Jean’s house. After she frantically hands him an envelope full of paper towels, the failed scam artist is taken down by the waiting police.

Being charged with grand larceny, this scam artist definitely needs to consider a new career. His days of scamming senior citizens are over.

 This situation tells us a great story about the witness and street smarts of the sometimes easily fooled elderly population. The message is clear, don’t mess with grandma!

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