Nervous mama Pitbull trusts foster mom with all her babies


Stray Rescue of St Louis in St Louis, MO, rescues stray animals, helps them restore their health, and places them in happy adoptive homes. Recently the volunteer, Donna, found a Pitbull and her puppies.

Donna observed that the mother dog ate the food she had given and went back into the bushes to the puppies. The volunteers thought it would be challenging to get the Pitbull out of the bushes.

She growled at them when they went close to her puppies. So, Donna threw some treats out so that she could lure out the mama Pitbull. Donna was very patient and waited for the Pitbull to come out.


The nervous Pitbull now allowed the volunteers to get close to the puppies. She started to trust Donna, which was a good sign. After being leashed, the volunteers brought the Pitbull and her puppies back to the jeep.

She was gentle and friendly with everyone after that. Donna named her Crown Candy. Donna never thought it would be so easy to rescue the innocent animal. According to her, Crown Candy had done a fantastic job nursing the little ones as they looked very healthy.


She was at the shelter for only three to four days before she went to her foster home. When Stacy went to pick Crown Candy from the Stray Rescue Shelter, she found her to be an amiable dog.

The innocent animal hopped into Stacy’s car and loved the first car ride with her puppies. The Pitbull also happily enjoyed a yummy pup cup. Stacy found her very affectionate with her puppies. The dog mama loved to go on walks and had become Stacy’s play pal.

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