Man Shows Up to His Wedding in Jeans & a T-Shirt so Naturally the Internet Turns on Him


We’ve all seen people who don’t follow wedding protocol — We’re looking at you, future mothers-in-law who wear white to their son’s wedding. But people online were aghast at one man who completely underdressed for his wedding day and showed up to the altar in jeans.

The wedding snafu was captured in a since-deleted video on TikTok.

Originally uploaded by TikTok creator @violetprice16x, the video showed her friend Catherine, or @catherinenicholson2 as she goes by online, on her wedding day, the Independent reported.

Price allegedly wrote that Nicholson swore “a couple of months ago” that she wasn’t going to fall in love.

“Well she’s definitely fell in love this summer,” she wrote.

The Doncaster Free Press reported the bride was 16.

A still of the footage has made its way to Reddit, where it was met with some serious side-eyes.

The photo shows a bride decked out to the nines in a mermaid-style gown, a traditional lace veil, and formal jewelry — while her groom decided to go casual, with a black T-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers.

It was ... something.

“Grooms wearing jeans at a fancy wedding,” the photo was captioned.


People in the comments section were horrified on the bride’s behalf.

"This is probably indicative of the amount of effort he’ll put into the marriage as well," wrote one person.

"I wonder how long this marriage lasted. She looks great, he looks like he couldn't care," another person wrote.

"He's just letting her know she has a life of him not giving a f--- about her ahead of her," another commenter agreed.

Other people were more hopeful.

"She looks absolutely beautiful, I love her dress. Not sure what their circumstances are but I wish them both the best," one commenter wrote.

"Dunno. Maybe she wanted a dress like this, [he] wanted the outfit he had on their first dates, both are happy the other is dressed as they like," another commenter guessed. "Over or under dressed for some standards, well dressed for their own standard."

A third commenter agreed, writing "If they are happy then who cares? If the groom just couldn’t be a--ed then that’s very sad," before adding this:

"I didn’t get an expensive, uncomfortable suit for my own wedding because I wanted to look dapper for my ego, I got one because I wanted to put the effort into making the day as perfect for both me and my wife as I could."

 Clearly, we don't know what exactly happened at this wedding, but one commenter might have hit the nail on the head: "Seems more sad than funny."


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