Hero Police Officer Honored for Saving Life of Boy Who Was Having a Seizure


 A Texas police officer was recognized by his city on Tuesday night after reviving a 3-year-old boy suffering from a seizure, a heroic act that was captured on a dramatic dashcam video.

Officer Chase Miller of the Granbury Police Department responded to a 911 call about a boy who had fallen unconscious after a seizure and not breathing.
The quick-thinking officer immediately performed CPR on the boy. He shows the child’s father how to do CPR while he explains he needs to step away to grab a CPR mask.
He shows Brayden’s dad how to do it so, he could step away to grab a CPR mask before returning and continue the procedure.
After several minutes, Miller was able to revive the boy. The boy was later taken to a hospital, where he recovered.
The city honored Miller for his efforts Tuesday night, with a life-saving award during a ceremony attended by the grateful parents and the little boy whose life he saved.

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