Bank forecloses on man's house, so he decides to demolish it and hand over the keys and rubble to the bank manager


Those who pay a mortgage on their home know very well that keeping up on the payments in order so as not to risk losing it is sometimes not very easy at all. In these days, and in the context of a debilitating economic crisis that has not spared anyone from any social class, paying all the necessary expenses so as lose the roof over your head is a challenging task. This is something that a Bulgarian man knows very well, and who, with his act of "revenge", has gone viral around the world...

via: Mercati24

This bizarre story took place a few years ago in Lovech, Bulgaria. In this Eastern European country, a man was having enormous difficulty in being able to make the mortgage payments on his house. He went to the bank with whom he had the debt and tried to convince the head of the financial institution to find it in his heart to give him extra time to be able to pay off this debt. But the bank's director was immovable: if he could not pay his debt, he and his family would had to leave the home in a week and hand over the keys to a new owner.

The Bulgarian father was desperate - he did not know what to do. Then he had an epiphany: the land on which their house was built was not part of the mortgage to be paid. Knowing this, he decided to demolish the entire building, and to hand it over, with the keys, to its rightful owner. In this case, the rightful owner was the bank, whose headquarters were in Teteven, in the north of Bulgaria. All the rubble from the house was diligently loaded into a large truck which then made the very long journey north, heading towards the headquarters of the bank where, years earlier, the man had signed the mortgage agreement.

When the truck loaded with the rubble arrived in front of the Teteven bank branch, it was unceremoniously unloaded in front of the astonished and unbelieving eyes of the bank employees. Once done, the Bulgarian man entered the bank building, went up to the director of the financial institution and handed over the keys of his former home to its rightful "owner". We can only imagine what the look on the director's face was like when he was handed not only the keys, but also a mountain of rubble...

Unfortunately, most of us can only imagine getting a sweet revenge like this. How would you have acted if you had been in the shoes of this desperate man? Do you think he was right to demolish his house like this and hand it over to the bank?


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