7 brothers surprise sister with unforgettable wedding gift


When you are the only girl in your family surrounded by seven brothers, your wedding is the perfect opportunity for them to be utterly ridiculous for an evening.

7 brothers dancing at sister's wedding

The music progresses through a salsa by Kudero, “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson, a Bollywood hit called “Kajra Re,” “Single Ladies by Beyonce, the “Men in Black” theme song, and the Electric Slide.

Finishing off with an iconic performance of “Apache (Jump On It),” the seven brothers receive an overwhelming round of applause from the audience – but their show is not over yet.

7 brothers dancing at sister's wedding

For the last bit, they pull their sister onto the dancefloor. She sits in a chair in the middle of her brothers as they serenade her to One Direction’s “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.”

 This lucky lady is brought to tears, no doubt feeling very blessed to have brothers who would go to such lengths to show how much they love her on her special day.

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