Retiring cleaner leaves powerfully scathing note for rude boss on last day


 It’s no secret that work can be unrewarding at times. Dealing with rude customers, nonsensical regulations, incompetent superiors, and an overall terrible mood can push one to their limits. When the final straw happens, it’s best to maintain your dignity and bow out with a smile.


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And that’s what one cleaner did when she quit her job and left a polite note.

Julie Cousins, a 67-year-old woman who worked 35 years as a cleaner for various banks, decided to leave after receiving a rude dressing-down from a manager.

Rather than sinking to her superior’s level, Cousins decided to quietly make her exit with both grace and a sharp wit.

“Hello, ladies,” the handwritten letter began, “tomorrow will be my last clean for HSBC. I have made up a bucket of cleaning materials for the next cleaner, whoever that may be!!”

The letter was a shame-inducing retort veiled in genuine warmth and politeness.

No swearing, no blaming, just professional courtesy, something lacking in many work locations, as I’m sure we can all relate. Cousins has worked as a cleaner for 35 years, and despite the incident before her retirement, she actually enjoyed her work.


In her letter, she called out her manager for her “aggressive and cruel” behavior.

“But that’s a reflection of your character,” Cousins wrote to her superior, “not mine.” The letter became a viral sensation after Cousin’s son, Joe, posted a picture of it on his Twitter page.

It wasn’t long before the online community went to her side.

Many users commented on her awe-inspiring sass and lamented the declining quality of treatment workers are suffering today. “A manager dressing someone down in public. Always remember that a clown always needs an audience,” one commenter tweeted.


Hopefully, this letter will remind people–especially those in a higher position of power–that a healthy work environment means treating others with respect and decency. It’s only appropriate that Cousins’ letter ends with this.

“So going forward, please all of you remember: In a world when you can be anything, BE KIND.”Because you are all no better than the cleaner.” Check out the tweet and read the full letter by Cousins in all its glory.

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Source: Twitter

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