Moms Are Sharing the Pregnancy Symptoms No One Ever Told Them About


There’s a ton of misinformation out there about pregnancy — and unfortunately, it’s not just guys who seem to have a few things wrong about having a baby. Even pregnant women have been taken by surprise by some of the lesser-known parts of having a baby. 

And now they're sharing the strangest pregnancy symptoms they’ve experienced on TikTok — and I’m not going to lie, some of these are really, really weird.

One of the most popular videos was created by TikToker Liz Goldstein

Goldstein, who goes by @hilizgoldstein online, shared her video in September 2021 when she was 41 weeks pregnant with her son Logan. The video has been seen over 290,000 times and it’s clear to see why it’s gotten so much attention.

“Pregnancy symptoms I had no idea about,” she wrote in the video’s caption. “Depression nightmares, dizziness, fainting, migraines” and the strangest one of all — "stuffy nose."

Other moms were quick to hop on the trend, sharing more strange symptoms (which we definitely were not told about in school). 

Including TikToker @sydneymary_ who has over 102,000 likes on her video where she shared that she was hot “all the time,” cried constantly, and often couldn’t sleep.

In another one of her videos, she also mentioned even more weird symptoms like “night sweats,” “hip pain when I’m sleeping,” and the strangest one, “hating sandwiches.”

Another mom, Isabel Kouz, shared that after she became pregnant, water tasted like metal.

She also got charley horses in her calves when she stretched in the morning, she explained in her video.

“You can go from not hungry to STARVING in 5 seconds,” another caption from her video explained.

And when you do chow down, you can get acid reflux “even when you don’t eat anything spicy/acidic.”

While Caroline Parker-Greene shared some pregnancy symptoms that were a real pain.

The mom was 25 weeks pregnant when she made her video in October 2021 and explained that there were “two things nobody talks about, and I remember it being a really big shock in my first pregnancy."

Cut to a clip of the mom holding some berries in her hand — ”This is what my a--hole looks like.”

You know, hemorrhoids.

And then she cut to a clip of her holding a CD.

“This is what my nipples look like,” she explained, “but like dark-brown/black.”

In the comments, people shared even more strange symptoms that had them floored.

“What did shock me was the amount of discharge,” wrote one commenter on Parker-Greene’s video.

“My hoo-ha was SWOLLEN for about a month before I gave birth, couldn’t stop looking at it when the swelling went down. Didn’t recognize her,” another commenter volunteered.

“And my armpits turned super dark too,” chimed in someone else.

It all goes to show that the human body is a strange, beautiful thing — and that we need to start paying women for their service.


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