Herd Buffalo Fight Lion to Save Another Buffalo


 Buffalo herds are known to stick together and when attacked by predators it is common to see the whole herd return to save one of their own from the jaws of death! Having the capability to protect themselves.

This is the tense moment a herd of buffalo face off against a group of hungry lions before one of them charges in to rescue one of their own from being eaten. Gert Cloete, 78, filmed the incredible footage which shows one of the herd charging in to rescue a fellow buffalo from the carnivorous predators in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The video, taken on July 23, captures the moment a group of about 20 buffalo ‘come back with a vengeance’ in an attempt to repel the attacking lions, who had brought their target to the ground. But fortunately for the lions, once the buffalo realised there was no hope for their fallen comrade, they started to move away, seemingly accepting the loss.

Mr Cloete, who is retired, had been staying at the Ngwenya Lodge, bordering the park. He said: ‘It was Tuesday, and I had been looking out over the Crocodile River at a small herd of Buffalo grazing not too far off, it was quiet until the peace for the buffaloes was disturbed by a pride of hungry Lions pouncing in on an almost picture perfect scene.

‘The lions started chasing the herd and eventually brought one of the buffaloes down. I watched for a while as the rest of the herd seemed to look on from a distance after they had run off, as if trying to decide on their next move. ‘I thought it was all done and over with for the poor buffalo – when all of a sudden the small herd of about 20 buffalo came back with a vengeance to save the one that was left for dead just a few moments ago.’

The video begins with a group of roughly twelve lions gathered near the buffalo that had just been caught. The buffalo then start huddling nearby, and the two species face off before one of the herbivores breaks ranks and charges the lions.

Mr Cloete said: ‘As the intimidation between the buffaloes and the lions continued, I was surprised to find that two of the male buffaloes were now having a go at each other, horns locked and all! As if oblivious to the attempted rescue mission at hand.

‘When the herd realised that the damage had been done and the victim would not return to the with them, they started to move off to the distance. It was like watching a movie unfold and the sighting was amazing, I feel so lucky and appreciative of being able to experience such a small part of God’s creation

Victory to the buffaloes in trying to help each other because it was unbelievable, these were scenes I had only previously experienced while watching National Geographic so it was my very first time in reality, and I’m hoping that all can be so lucky as to witness such an event.

‘I feel like there is a lesson to be learned by this experience, it was wonderful to see such co-operation in nature. It’s teaching us humans to help one another.’

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