Dad’s Emotional Post about Raising His Baby Daughter Alone after Her Mom Left Them


A dad has gone viral after sharing a touching tale of his life as a single dad since his wife abandoned him and their baby girl. His story inspired more fathers to take on the challenge of single parenthood.

Raising a daughter on his own

Richard Johnson had the happiest day of his life when he became father to his baby girl Persephone. However, the excitement turned to sadness a month after his partner left his life for good.

Reality hit him when he found himself alone with the just born baby, with two holes in his heart. The father had no choice but to update his parenting knowledge and fill the void in his daughter’s life.

The Facebook group that helped him

He spent hours browsing online resources and videos on raising a child, completing tasks like doing braids, and learning how to deal with common parenting issues. Eventually, he stumbled across the Life of Dad Facebook group, where he was able to connect with other dads facing similar issues.

Reading their stories and how they overcame some challenges gave him the boost he needed to keep rolling as a dad. In no time, he got better at parenting, thanks to the shared experiences of other helpful dads on the platform. Once he was able to get his life back on track, Johnson didn’t hesitate to give back to the community that saved him to the bottom. 

Richard’s Viral Post

When Persephone was around 10 months old, Richard felt more confident in his fatherly role and wrote his viral post in Life of Dad.

“At the start, when it was most difficult for both of us, I found your page. I was so nervous and scared to be a father in general, but now I was a single dad and I had to play two roles. ” He said: “I wasn’t sure I am capable do it.” 

“I had read many baby books and watched over 1000 videos on YouTube, so I can learn braiding hair and painting nails” he continued. However, while the other research taught him how to parent, the support group helped him gain confidence.

“Then I noticed that there were many fathers who had the same problems. The page started to become a big confidence booster and that really helped”. “I always look forward to your pictures and reading the stories of some of the amazing dads in this community. You have really helped my daughter and me through a very difficult time.”

He concluded, “We are both very happy now and we continue to grow together every day. She is now 10 months old. Even my friends are constantly asking me for parenting advice. Me and Persephone want to say ‘Thank you’ to this page and the people on it”. 


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